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Join us on our journey as we build our custom home in the Rocky Mountains.

Build Site
Jeff Shane Productions captured this image of our build site, October 2020. For reference, drone image is 400 ft.

Building a house or writing a blog: We have no idea what we're doing.

This blog idea started when we had questions about new construction / custom home building [on line] and couldn’t find answers. We were embarking on a journey to build a house in the Rocky Mountains (Colorado) and had no idea how to get started.

We thought, “Let’s document our journey.” One, we’ll have a history to look back on, but more importantly, we just might help someone else along the way.

I’ll be honest, though, we know as much about blog writing as we do about building a house. So, hang with us as we learn together.

Our Partners

Who's on first?

With some luck and great recommendations, we've assembled a team who's 100% dedicated to building the dream. If you desire to build a home but don't know how to start, read our tips.